Blue Heirloom Jamdani saree


Blue 100 count jamdani saree with silver, gold and blue woven motifs.

About the weave - 

Jamdani weaving is a hand weaving art form from Bangladesh that dates back almost 2000 years. It is regarded as on of the most advanced weaving techniques in the world. The defining aspect of this weave are its rich motifs, which are intricately woven by hand. Each motif has to be inlaid into the fabric by adding denser threads to fine warp threads. The process is so intensive that in a typical day, only about a quarter or one inch of fabric can be woven by a single artisan. One saree takes between 6 months to 3 years to make. Jamdani sarees are regarded as ‘woven air’ given how lightweight they are and how well they drape. 

In Jamdani weaving, "count" refers to the number of warp (vertical) threads per inch or centimeter on the loom. The higher the count, the finer and more intricate the design that can be created. A higher count also means that the fabric will be lighter and softer, making it more comfortable to wear in hot and humid climates 

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Our response to COVID-19

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