Sacramento, CA

My (now) husband and I decided to elope and when we selected Switzerland as our venue, we began to look for the perfect outfits for our special day, which was going to be photographed for all of our family and friends! We did a lot of research and considered many different outfit choices. My older sister had purchased a beautiful Sabyasachi outfit from Pia Ka Ghar for her wedding which I absolutely loved.  I knew I wanted a custom fitted piece for myself as well as and I knew they did quality work.  I set up a time with Neel to visit Pia Ka Ghar and when we arrived there, I immediately knew I would be going home with my wedding outfit.  My husband had gone with me, but I didn't want him to see what I selected, so Neel let him know where he could hang out nearby while I shopped.  I talked to Neel about what I envisioned for my wedding outfit and he selected about 3 outfits for me to try on.  I loved each of them, I took pictures in all of them and in some cases even re-tried them on.  With the help of Neel and his sister (who happen to be there as well) I was able to nail down the perfect Sabyasachi Sari.  I felt SO confident about it.  I was able to take the bottom piece with me immediately which was great because I was able to plan my husband's outfit and other accessories around that.  The petticoat and the blouse came about 2 months later.  When I got dressed in Switzerland on my wedding day, I was SOO obsessed with my outfit.  The photographs turned out great and the outfit worked very well with my husband's suit.  

Thank you Neel for all of your help in picking out my wedding outfit.  Almost a year later, and I still get compliments.  The fit and flow was exceptional.